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Gunlock Cleaning Mops

The active shooter knows keeping your firearms in top condition make all the difference. Look no further for premium, precision-engineered cleaning tools. Gunslick® Pro mops are wool blended to easily transfer oils and solvents.



Gunslick Cleaning Rods

Gunslick® Pro offers a full spectrum of top-quality cleaning rods that feature soft-grips, ergonomic handles, and double-ball bearings. You can find nylon coated steel rods that won't damage or scratch the barrel, as well as stainless steel rods that boast superior strength.



Gunslick Cleaning Kits

Here are complete kits designed for the kind of shooting you do. From plinking to competitive shooting, big game hunting to waterfowling, budget-minded cleaning to top-of-the-line care, Gunslick has the right cleaning kit for the job.Every cleaner and degreaser in the Gunslick line delivers the ultimate performance, without all the work.