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Rimfire Rifles

Rimfire Rifles

Rimfire is a method of ignition for metallic firearm cartridges as well as the cartridges themselves. It is called rimfire because the firing pin of a gun strikes and crushes the base's rim to ignite the primer. The rim of the rimfire cartridge is essentially an extended and widened percussion cap which contains the priming compound, while the cartridge case itself contains the propellant powder and the projectile (bullet). Once the rim of the cartridge has been struck and the bullet discharged, the cartridge cannot be reloaded, because the head has been deformed by the firing pin impact.

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Norinco 22LR Model JW-15

Good Condition Timder Bolt Action 10 Shot Mag .

Make a good first gun.



CZ  445 Stainless Steel 22WM / 22LR 5RND  

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