Our Indoor shooting range is 25 meters deep by 6 bays wide indoor range operating since 1993 and recently updated with solid state computer programmable target timers. These control the distance to send and place individual target holders for each bay.

Pre set buttons allow 5M; 10M; 15M;and 25M target distances. A red “hit once and forget” button will return the target from anywhere down range to the shooting position for scoring and patching.

These features provide ease of use plus safety for all as there is no need for a “cease fire” to go down range and patch etc.

CRM Gunsports has an air conditioned ready room attached to the range which also allows observers to see activities on the range through heavy laminated glass windows.

Dual doors to the ready room and adjacent firearm cleaning room provide insurance against the sound of unsuppressed shots reaching the showroom area. The range has a heavy duty electric air blower and extractor to cycle fresh air to the range whilst in operation.

All those who go onto the actual range must have hearing and eye protection as well as enclosed footwear and sleeved tops.




Our shop is unique in having the indoor range attached thus allowing precise zeroing of firearm packages we sell. We can offset the zero at 25M according to our ballistic programme so that the rifle has the required zero distance that the customer desires.

The range operates on three levels of legislation with the first being our own club membership. Members have the use of the range for up to one hour at a time for no charge other than their ammunition or firearm hire. Targets and patches are provided with no extra range hire cost being incurred.

All range use is by appointment only.The range is available during normal retail opening hours beginning at 9.00 am Monday to Saturday closing at 5pm except Thursday which is 5.30pm and Saturday 12.30pm close.

We ask anyone interested in joining our club to attend the premises at 293 Draper St to inspect the facility and meet with us to discuss applicable charges etc. Also check our licensing requirements detailed on the website at “Firearms license”.

Secondly we have a “Gallery Licence” enabling unlicensed people to experience live firing upon the range with each person supervised by one of our staff range officers.
These firearms are tethered to the bays for extra safety ensuring the muzzles are down range at all times.

Quite a number of tourists to the Cairns region have tried live fire on our range over the years. We can cater for individuals or groups up to 20 at a time with prior booking.

Thirdly there is the exclusive range hire for corporate training utilized by local security firms and state and federal agencies.

Being unaffected by weather our facility provides an all weather option where long term planning and coordination can be guaranteed.

With the appropriate weapons licences plus SSAA membership casual use of the range can also be available to non members. Currently a charge of $50.00 per half hour or part thereof will apply for handguns. $50.00 per half hour for rimfire rifle or $55.00 per half hour benchrest rimfire [Bay 1]. Centrefire is by CRM Gunsports staff only for testing and zeroing.