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CRM has a full range of shooting products – new and second hand firearms in Categories - A:B:C:D and H, and backed by an impressive range of ammunition, and reloading proponents, cleaning gear, rifle, pistol, safes, rifle, pistol and spotting scopes, and all other allied gear one expects to find in a first class gun shop. The range of reloading components is huge, ranging from hand loading tools through single stage presses and including fully automatic multi-stage volume tools. Hard to get ammunition and components - like the old WCF rounds - .25-20, .32-20 etc, and bolt action favourites, the .257 Roberts , and the 7 mm Mauser rounds, are in stock.

“There is still a lot of interest in these old rounds,” explains Shane, “the WCF lever action rounds are favourites with Cowboy Action shooters, and a few 1892 model Winchesters are alive and well on local cane farms and outback cattle stations who use them for pest destruction, and saddle guns.” One talking point is the huge 4-bore punt gun that adorns the shop wall. Just image firing one of those old relics using today’s modern powers. The kick would probably put a .460 WM to shame.

The facility is huge with retail showroom, indoor range, walk-in strong room, office, clubroom, and gunsmith shop, located on the premise. The six bays, 25 m indoor range allows on-site testing of firearms, zeroing of handguns on all bays and all calibre rifles on two bays, both fitted with extreme armour plating that stops even large solid game bullets from African calibers in their tracks. Unlicensed visitors are also welcome and can sample the experience of firing handguns such as the .44 Magnum and 9mm Tanfoglio as well as rifles and shotguns at CRM Gunsports, Many tourists take advantage of the facility to try shooting firearms which may be unavailable to them at home.