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About Franchi

Our history includes well over a century of unique metalworking skills. That expertise is still evident in Franchi products being made today.

It Began in Italy In 1868, Franchi began manufacturing firearms in Brescia, Italy. The city was part of that nation’s industrial heartland. In those days, gunmakers’ guilds isolated themselves to keep their metalworking techniques secret. Thus began our well-established tradition of craftsmanship.

Our Philosophy Endures From the beginning, our philosophy has been to provide quality products that meet emerging needs. We continue to innovate and patent new technology. And we never compromise the original ideas that make Franchi firearms unique.

We Help Lead the Industry

Franchi’s role in the gunmaking industry has always been major. We are a leader in modern firearm manufacturing techniques:

  • Using new materials
  • Employing the newest technology and methods
  • Applying the skill and craftsmanship for which our guns are known

Franchi has perfected the art of building double-barrel and auto-loader shotguns. And we have earned a reputation for enduring quality.