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Warwick Firearms is a family-run business based in Victoria, Australia. Fully Australian owned and operated , we specialise in manufacturing quality rifles for recreational and commercial shooters as well as the Australian farming community. Our aim is to create world class , locally made products that address our unique Australian needs and conditions.

Our WFA1 and WFM4 rifles are designed and manufactured in Australia using a combination of local machine shops and our full time staff. We are fully Licenced firearms dealers, enabling us to both trade in and manufacture firearms. Warwick Firearms now also stocks quality accessories and apparel which is available to purchase directly online. Our WFA1rifles can be ordered by phone or email correspondence by all category B license holders in Victoria, Queesland, South Australia, and the Northern territory.

If the WFA1 is not available in your state then we recommend you petition your local members of parliament to try and implement change to your state laws. Warwick Firearms Australia would like to thank all of our supporters and interested parties who have stuck by us over the years as we’ve developed our product and company for what is a very tough industry.

After many years of hard work we are finally ready to ramp up our manufacturing line and optimise our turn around time for orders. We look forward to supplying you with all your shooting needs and accessories for many years to come. Cheers Scott On behalf of my family and the team here at Warwicks.